Max Mayfield Outfit DIY Halloween Ideas 2023

As one of the Netflix's best TV series, Stranger Things has brings unprecedented excitement and hilarity. Set in an ordinary town, the story is about children experiments and upside-down world. When the party is fighting against evil, there are a series of truths gradually coming to the surface. And with the released news of Season 5, we can't help but feel sad about Max Mayfield. After all, we have witnessed every key turning point in Max's life from the debut to the latest season 4. This 80s girl does not fit the convention but has an avant-garde aesthetic. If you want to imitate this skater girl on Halloween, we have compiled 4 sets of Max's costumes from different periods for you to choose.

1. DIY Max Mayfield Season 4 Floating Costume Guide

 DIY Max Mayfield Season 4 Floating Costume Guide

source from: Stranger Things Season 4

Max is a confident and independent young girl who is unafraid to speak her mind. In this way, most of her costumes use bright and colorful colors. She is a skilled skateboarder and video gamer, and she quickly becomes friends with the main group of characters, including Eleven and Mike. This set comes from the floating scene at the beginning of season 4, which made audiences greatly admired the special effects of Stranger Things again.

Wearing a blue and yellow sports jacket, Max seemed like enjoying the music in her headphones, but the face was so pale with a painful expression. In fact, Max is in a critical situation in Upside Down, hiding from the horrible Vecna. The call of her partners is like the song “Running up That Hill” playing in her headphones, inspiring her to persevere until the end. You can add some accessoriies like contacts, watch or blue scrunchy to your look and it will be a totally cool girl style.

Youll Need:

  • Reddish Brown Wig
  • Max Mayfield Blue Jacket
  • CheckerboardLong Sleeve
  • Mid-Wash Blue Jeans
  • BlackHeadphones
  • Max Mayfield Red Shoes

2. DIY Max Mayfield Stranger Things S3 Mall Outfit

 DIY Max Mayfield Stranger Things S3 Mall Outfit

source from: Stranger Things Season 3

In Season 3, Episode 2, Max Mayfield and Eleven spend the day at the Star Court Mall. Both girls had similar painful experiences, and now they became good friends who talk about everything. Max picked out the suitable outfits for Eleven and herself, and they both look quite stylish. This is a fantastic inspiration about sisterly outfits when you and your BFF plan to go out shopping together. All you need is to find a colorful T-shirt and blue denim shorts in your wardrobe and then add a brown belt to recreate a similar Max's mall look.

Throughout the series, Max is portrayed as a loyal and supportive friend, always willing to stand up for what is right and help those in need. She is also shown to have a caring and compassionate side, as seen in her interactions with her friends and her love interest, Lucas. Because there is a change in her romance this season, Max's look is no longer so much like a tomboy, but has become more girlish. It has to be admitted that Max's style is a reflection of her confident and independent personality, and sets her apart as a standout character in the show. 

You’ll Need:

  • Red Sunglasses
  • Striped Knit T-Shirt
  • Light Wash Denim Shorts
  • Brown Thin Belt
  • White Socks
  • Red And Blue Sneakers

3. DIY Max Mayfield Season 3 Summer Costume

 DIY Max Mayfield Season 3 Summer Costume

source from: Stranger Things Season 3

With the arrival of hot summer day, the plot of Stranger Things Season 3 also progresses to the summer vacation of the teenagers in Hawkins town. Max and her school buddies set off for summer camp, carrying a blue handbag. It seems that very hot and tired from the long walk in the sun. It is incredibly easy to recreate her look, as she wore a light yellow sleeveless top and blue shorts with irregular edges. And she paired it with a quite distinctive belt of her own, a multi-colored canvas belt. She also wears a pair of high-top black Converse sneakers and white ankle socks. This outfit perfectly captures Max's playful and adventurous personality, and is a good example of her unique sense of style. As long as you master the fashion staples of Max cosplay, you can look extra stylish and cool.

You’ll Need:

  • Orange Curly Wig
  • Yellow Cotton Vest
  • Colorful Cloth Belt
  • Blue Denim Shorts
  • Yellow Waterproof Watch

4. DIY Max Mayfield Stranger Things Season 2 Outfit Guide

 DIY Max Mayfield Stranger Things Season 2 Outfit Guide

source from: Stranger Things Season 2

This is the first official appearance of Max's in Stranger Things Season 2. During this period, Max was abused by his stepbrother for a long time and was so withdrawn that refused to be approached by anyone. No matter how her personality changes, she still prefers stripes and often wears different style of clothes with horizontal or vertical stripes. This perfect casual outfit is no exception. She also wore a backpack and a yellow Walkman, which were the popular accessories during 1980s when the show is set. And the shoes are still the same high-top Vans she always wears, which suits most skateboarders.

The red hooded jacket, denim pants, skateboard, and red Converse shoes perfectly capture Max's edgy and rebellious personality. This outfit has become so popular that it has inspired many fans to recreate it for cosplay and Halloween costumes.

You’ll Need:

  • Max Mayfield Red Jacket
  • Striped Ribbed Short Sleeve Top
  • LightBlue Long Jeans
  • Black Schoolbag
  • Wine Color Vans
  • Skate Board


From the beginning of 2016 to now, Stranger Things has captured audiences over multiple age demographics. The retro 80s art design style of the show is because the director want to pay homage to his youthful era. As the Zoomer in the party, Max often helps her friends escape from the most dangerous juncture. Her outfits often incorporate elements of skate and surf culture, with items like Converse sneakers, striped T-shirts, and denim shorts. Most of them are everyday fashion pieces that you can easily copy in your daily life or even tailoring them by yourself. Seizing this opportunity, it is time for you to dress up as a cool girl like Max in 2023 Halloween.

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