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onmyoji arena(onmyoji china) is a turn-based fantasy strategy game with PVP or PVE battles, where you can strengthen your beloved shikigami to build your dream tactical team and defeat various demons to become the ultimate onmyoji. It attracts and keeps players with a compelling story and charismatic characters. Cross-platform gameplay is supported, and the English version of the game can be found on Steam. Around the world, there are many players who cosplay for their favorite characters. Let's take a look together.


Shiranui used to be the world-famous singer-songwriter Ari on the island, with a beautiful face.  On a night when she was about to lose her life, she became the great shikigami Shiranui .

More about Shiranui cosplay costumes:

Onmyoji Shiranui Manager SSR Moduqimeng Dream Cheongsam Cosplay Costume

Enmusubi no Kami

Enmusubi no Kami is a lovely girl of the gods, who is in charge of marriage.After the marriage ends, the power of the gods will be weakened. So the god decided to take the shrine and all the belongings to travel, and on the way to help people to marry to restore the power of the god.

More about Enmusubi no Kami cosplay costumes:

Onmyoji Enmusubi no Kami SSR Before Awakening Cosplay Costume

Ibaraki douji

A very powerful demon with one arm cut off. Always chasing after Shuten douji. To him, Shuten douji is his best friend and the man he admires most in his heart.

More about Ibaraki douji cosplay costumes:

Onmyoji Ibaraki-douji Winter Bamboo Cosplay Costume

Onmyoji Ibaraki-douji Skin Maple Dye Autumn Kimono Unisex Cosplay Costume

Onmyoji Ibaraki-douji Kimono Hallowmas Women Cosplay Costume


Momo is a peach blossom spirit, she is a lively and gentle young girl. When she was still a peach tree, people often mistook it for a cherry tree. Sakura is her very important friend. She witnessed the love of Sakura and has been worried about Sakura being hurt.

More about Momo cosplay costumes:

Onmyoji Momo Cosplay Costumes


The ice-cold Yukionna never cries, never laughs, never feels sad or happy. Her heart may be as cold as her appearance, and no one knows what she has experienced in the past.

More about Yukionna cosplay costumes:

Onmyoji Yukionna Wake up before Cosplay costume

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