Q1:  Can you take a personalized or custom item?

We offer personalized or custom, made-to-order items. You can request a personalized or custom item. Please provide the product's name or link or the picture.  

  1. What you need to do.
    Specify the character's name and where it is from. Send us some detailed pictures (include the front and back) of the character to our email (CrazeCosplay@gmail.com). If the pictures are not detailed, we may are not able to make it. Once you send a custom request, you’ll see a reply in your email. Check the email for updates from the seller on the item's progress.
  2. What we do.
    If we can create the item, we may publish a private custom link for you. you’ll be notified via email that your order is ready to purchase. You can add the item to your cart directly. This way, the seller has a record of the transaction, and you have a safe and secure way to pay for the item.

Q2:  How to place an order?

It is very simple to purchase your favorite dress online. You can place the order with no registration. But we highly recommend you create a registered account before you place the order. The steps are as follows:

  1. If you are brand new to our website, we suggest you create an account before you place the order, and then log in to place the order, then you can check your order status and history.
    2. Enter the item page you want to order, fill in the wear date( refers to when you need to use the item), choose the gender, standard size or customize, then click" Add to Cart".
    3. Click button "Proceed to Checkout" if your order information is correct. PS: You can use the coupon code to apply for the discount on this page if you have the code.
    4. Fill in the correct shipping address, email, phone number, and choose the shipping method payment method etc, click "Place order now", finally, skip to Paypal page or Checkout page to finish your payment. then your order is placed.

    Q3:  How to pay my order?

We accept Paypal and other major credit cards (via checkout), please contact us if you would like to pay in other methods. Signing up for a PayPal account is easy and free, and takes just a few minutes to complete. Once you complete, you can send your payment in minutes. If you would like to pay via credit cards, please view the pictures below for the appropriate procedures. Click "continue checkout" and you will be directed to the next page to fill out your information. You can then use your credit card to pay safely and securely.

Q4:  Why I need to pay additional custom tax for my items?

In certain circumstances, some country may charge custom taxes for the purchase from other countries. Please kindly note that the buyer should be responsible for the Custom Tax of his country, thanks for your understanding.

Q5:  Do you have the actual picture of the product?

We try to offer actual pictures for all of our products, but for some products, we are unable to provide them. Rest assured, our dressmakers have a wealth of experience with cosplay costume design and tailoring. If you are still unsure, check out our reviews here.

Q6:  Which currency do you use?

The default currency on our website is USD. If you want to see other currencies, please click the right top to selecting your store's currency, the store will automatically update to display the currency associated with your payment processor.

Q7:  Why I choose the customize but the size is XS?

The standard size option will turn to size XS automatically when you choose to customize the size, this is a default option, but pls don't worry, we will make it according to your measurements as long as you choose the customize size.


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