Best 10 Stranger Things Halloween Costumes For Diehard Fan

Stranger Things is an American series focusing on sci-fi suspense produced and aired exclusively by Netflix. This thriller series has had four exciting seasons since it aired in 2016, winning awards and sweeping the world with its buzz. Its story begins with the mysterious disappearance of Will, the best friend of Mike, Dustin and Lucas, in the small town of Hawkins. With the appearance of Eleven, a girl with superpowers, a dark event of child experimentation and supernatural powers is gradually revealed.

Hawkins is about to fall into the upside down world, but you can save them by dressing up in your favourite character costume. You can also dominate the Halloween costume game by wearing the best Stranger Things costume. The costumes of the main characters in Stranger Things are 80s retro style with high saturation of bright colors. If you want to dress up as a creepy monster, the Demodog costume is also a good choice. As many Stranger Things characters have been on screen in multiple looks, you've got spawned endless options to try. If you want some to inspire your creativity, then you can refer to the 10 best Stranger Things costumes we list below.

1. Eleven Stranger Things Pink Dress

Eleven Stranger Things Pink Dress

Most of Eleven's outfits have unique patterns, such as viral and geometric patterns, except for this pink dress. This dress was given from a team of 4 boys in Hawkins. They happen to meet the wretched Eleven when she was drenched by heavy rain, finding out that she knew about their missing buddy, and then decided to help her. This sweet dress is a great disguise because no one would think that such a cute girl has a terrible superpower. The color is a very romantic pink, and the upper part is done with a ruffled stitching effect. You can match this costume with your white socks and sneakers. It must be the simplest cosplay that is good enough to wear on Halloween with your besties.

2. Steve Harrington Scoops Ahoy Costume

Steve Harrington Scoops Ahoy Costume

As Nancy's ex-boyfriend, Steve was a bit of an annoying playboy in the early series until Season 4. At that time, he sacrificed himself to save Mike in a moment of crisis, and most of us finally find his machismo and charisma. This sailor suit that looks like a cartoon character is the uniform of Steve working in the Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream shop. The striped elements on costume have a characteristic sense of regularity and do not make people feel dazzled. This red and blue outfit represents the usual genderless style in Stranger Things, which means that gender will not have fixed traditional masculine and feminine traits, and this innovation breaks the traditional framework of fashion.

3. Max Mayfield Season 4 Costume

Max Mayfield Season 4 Costume

Max Mayfield is a new character that appeared in the second season and initially everyone thought she was mentally unstable until they saw her true abilities. The costume, which appears in season 4, has bright colors and is as surprising as the loyalty and boldness of her character. The costume consists of a checkered short-sleeved top with a blue and yellow striped coat and skinny jeans. To complete the look, you can also wear a red and white bandana tied around neck and a pair of yellow-framed sunglasses. This totally American sports style outfit can remind you of your student days.

4. Chrissy Cheerleader Stranger Things Costume

Chrissy Cheerleader Stranger Things Costume

It is time to put on the Hawkins high school cheerleader cosplay costume to summon your Stranger Things fandom. The costume consists of a green and yellow cheerleading uniform with three letter on the chest, representing the fictitious Hawkins High School.  The uniform is also decorated with pom-poms in matching colors. You can pair the cheerleader costume with knee-high socks and white sneakers, as well as a blonde wig to complete the look. And such an energetic dress can impress and attract everyone.

5. Stranger Things Ghostbusters Costume

Stranger Things Ghostbusters Costume

In Stranger Things season 2, the Ghostbusters Team uniform is a Halloween costume worn by the main characters in one of the episodes. The costume is a reference to the 1984 movie "Ghostbusters". The uniform includes a beige jumpsuit with black stripes running down the sides and around the collar, cuffs, and ankles. On the side of the sleeve has a red and white badge, the pattern is the same as in Ghostbusters. And these three boys also carry proton packs, which are wearable devices that emit a stream of energy to capture ghosts.

6. Nancy Wheeler Purple Dress

Nancy Wheeler Purple Dress

As an adolescent girl, Nancy also once fell into the trap of love, but the death of her best friend Barbara made her wake up and grow into a brave, smart and rational woman. In the Season 3, Nancy has graduated from school and started her internship at the newspaper. This season revolves around the new Hawkins Mall, so there are a lot of really funky outfits in the TV show.

At this time, Nancy’s puffy hair turned out to be a bit like an exploding head. The color of her clothes also changed from the previous light color to brighter color. This purple dress is no exception. The green color of the hem makes it look like she sewed it on herself. The chest was even carefully cut with a row of square cut-out patterns, sexy but not tacky.

7. Dustin Henderson Season 4 Costume

Dustin Henderson Season 4 Costume

Dustin Henderson is the most optimistic and articulate person in the boys’ team and he often comes up with unexpected ideas. He usually wears a colorful duck-tongue hat with the Thinking or summer camp logo on it. Many of Dustin's costumes are candy-colored, representing the curiosity and innocence he possesses. This costume he wore in the fourth season is also colored and has many irregular geometric patterns on it, which has edgier vibe. This is perfect for those who want to jump out at a Halloween party.

8. Joyce Byers Blue Shirt Costume

Joyce Byers Blue Shirt Costume

If you happen to be an introvert, you can definitely find yourself in Joyce Byers costume. This short-sleeved shirt without any flashy pattern is a simple but iconic piece of costume in her wardrobe. The blue color of this shirt looks like soft and understated, just like its owner. It has a classic button-down style, with a pointed collar and buttons down the front. This style is simple and practical, and helps to emphasize Joyce's practical and down-to-earth character.

Although many of Joyce's costumes have a slightly worn and distressed look, with frayed edges and patches that look like they have been well-loved and well-worn over time. This adds to the overall character and personality of the garment, and helps convey Joyce's working-class background.

9. Vecna Halloween Costume

Vecna Halloween Costume

In the latest Season 4, the setting of the upside down world in Stranger Things is finally becoming clear. This season's biggest villain is the dark wizard Vecna, who has the superpowers as Eleven's but is inhumane and wants to make Hawkins Town become upside down. Vecna eventually evolved into an eerie monster that looked like no skin after killing so much people. His fingers can be stretched, which is the way that the director shows his homage to freddy krueger's long fingers. This Vecna bodysuit is an innovative choice for family Halloween cosplay. Its print is very restore the look of the TV series and the size has from kid to adult.

10. Eddie Munson Stranger Things Costume

10.Eddie Munson Stranger Things Costume

Eddie Munson is introduced in the fourth season of the show, and is portrayed by Joseph Quinn. Beyond all question, everybody will fall in love with this rebellious guy at first sight. He is often seen wearing a denim jacket with patches, ripped jeans, and a bandana around his neck. Most importantly, he wears a hoodie with a Hellfire Club pattern, sometimes also in T-shirt. His cosplay is completed with a signature hairstyle, which features long, curly hair that is often tied back in a ponytail. This punk style set will allow you to transform into an 80's rocker.


From 2016 to now, the charm of Stranger Things series have swept the world, attracting attention and discussion of related cultural phenomena. The director of Stranger Things has immersed in the pop culture of the 80s from his young, so there are much of the fashion inspiration coming from this period. The style of Stranger Things costume is a mix of 1980s fashion trends, with a focus on denim, graphic tees, high-waisted pants, neon colors, and athletic wear. And the Stranger Things costume can suit a wide range of people, as the show features a diverse cast of characters with different styles and fashion preferences. These 10 sets of the best Stranger Things costumes introduced above are worthy of you to start this supernatural adventure.

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