Doctor Who 4Th Doctor Plum Red Long Trench Wool Coat Costume


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  • Including: Coat

  • Fabric: Wool

Doctor Who 4th Doctor Plum Red Long Trench Wool Coat Costume, Tailor made in your own measurements. It's a well made suit, made in daily use standard, full lined and all pockets functionable, also a great coat for daily use.

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Product name:Doctor Who 4Th Doctor Plum Red Long Trench Wool Coat Costume
Category:TV Series,Doctor Who,Costumes,
Main Characters:First Doctor,Second Doctor,Third Doctor,Fourth Doctor,Fifth Doctor,Sixth Doctor,Seventh Doctor,Eighth Doctor


4th Doctor:the adventure of the 4th is epic. he witnessed the birth of derrick and prevented the end of the universe. armed with cheerful smile, flamboyant charm and justice, he defeated santas, ancient vampires and black guards, explored the secrets of mummies, saved human beings on arc, and collected time fragments with romana. in the process of fighting against davros, the founder of dairik, the doctor discovered the key to time.
Doctor Who:Doctor who is a british science fiction television programme produced by the bbc since 1966. The programme depicts the adventures of a time lord called "the doctor", An extraterrestrial being, To all appearances human.

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