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What We Do in the Shadows has become a cult favorite TV series, known for its hilarious take on vampire roommates trying to navigate modern life. The show's distinctive costumes are a key part of its charm, making the characters perfect inspiration for Halloween. Whether you want to dress as one of the main vampire characters, an energy vampire, or a familiar, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Main Vampire Characters

The core vampire characters each have a unique style that reflects their origins and personalities:
Nandor the Relentless
Nandor, played by Kayvan Novak, is a former Ottoman Empire warrior from the 1400s. His costume typically includes:
  • Long, ornate coats or robes with Persian-inspired patterns
  • Ruffled shirts
  • High-collared capes
  • Tall boots
  • Accessories like sashes, belts, and sometimes a fez
To recreate Nandor's look:
  1. Start with a long, dark coat or robe - look for brocade fabrics or add gold trim for authenticity
  2. Layer with a ruffled white shirt
  3. Add a cape with a high collar
  4. Finish with tall boots and a sash or belt
  5. Style your hair with long, dark waves and a beard
Nadja, portrayed by Natasia Demetriou, has a Gothic Victorian-inspired style:
  • Corseted dresses with full skirts
  • Lace and velvet fabrics
  • Dark colors like deep reds, purples, and blacks
  • Ornate jewelry, especially necklaces
  • Dramatic makeup with dark lips and eyes
For a Nadja costume:
  1. Choose a Gothic-style dress with a corseted top and full skirt
  2. Opt for rich, dark fabrics like velvet or brocade
  3. Add lace details to the neckline or sleeves
  4. Accessorize with chunky, ornate jewelry
  5. Style your hair in dark, messy curls or waves
  6. Apply dramatic makeup with dark eyeshadow and deep red lipstick
Laszlo Cravensworth
Matt Berry's Laszlo has a flamboyant Victorian dandy style:
  • Tailored suits in rich fabrics
  • Waistcoats (vests) with intricate patterns
  • Cravats or bow ties
  • Top hats
  • Capes for dramatic flair
To dress as Laszlo:
  1. Start with a Victorian-style suit - look for rich colors and fabrics
  2. Add a patterned waistcoat
  3. Include a cravat or bow tie
  4. Top it off with a top hat
  5. Consider adding a cape for extra drama
  6. Style your hair neatly and add facial hair (real or fake) to match Laszlo's distinctive look
Colin Robinson
The energy vampire Colin Robinson, played by Mark Proksch, has a deliberately bland office worker style:
  • Plain button-up shirts
  • Khaki or beige pants
  • Sweater vests
  • Unremarkable ties
  • Glasses
For a Colin Robinson costume:
  1. Choose the most boring office attire you can find
  2. Stick to beige, tan, and muted colors
  3. Add a plain sweater vest over a button-up shirt
  4. Include a nondescript tie
  5. Wear glasses and style your hair in a simple, neat manner
  6. The key is to look as uninteresting as possible!

Familiars and Other Characters

Guillermo de la Cruz
Harvey Guillén's character Guillermo starts as Nandor's familiar and evolves throughout the series. His look changes, but generally includes:
  • Button-up shirts
  • Sweaters or cardigans
  • Khaki pants or dark jeans
  • Later seasons: more fitted clothing and sometimes a trench coat
For a Guillermo costume:
  1. Choose neat, conservative clothing like button-up shirts and sweaters
  2. Add khaki pants or dark jeans
  3. For later-season Guillermo, include a trench coat
  4. Style your hair neatly and add glasses if desired
  5. Consider carrying vampire-hunting tools as props
The Guide
Kristen Schaal's character The Guide has a distinctive look:
  • Long, flowing robes or dresses
  • Elaborate headdresses
  • Pale makeup
  • Dramatic eye makeup
To dress as The Guide:
  1. Find a long, flowing robe or dress in a rich fabric
  2. Create or purchase an elaborate headdress
  3. Apply pale makeup and dramatic eye makeup
  4. Add accessories like long necklaces or bangles

Group Costume Ideas

What We Do in the Shadows offers great opportunities for group costumes:
  1. The main vampire trio: Have friends dress as Nandor, Nadja, and Laszlo
  2. Vampires and familiar: Add Guillermo to the vampire group
  3. Vampire couple: Pair up as Nadja and Laszlo
  4. Vampire Council: Dress as various vampire characters from different eras
  5. Energy vampire office: Have a group dress as Colin Robinson and other bland office workers

DIY vs. Purchased Costumes

While many elements of What We Do in the Shadows costumes can be created with thrift store finds and some creativity, there are also options for purchasing ready-made costumes or components.
DIY Approach:
  • Scour thrift stores for Victorian-style clothing, long coats, and dresses
  • Modify existing clothing with added lace, trim, or accessories
  • Create props like vampire teeth or Guillermo's stake bandolier
Purchased Options:
  • Gothic and Victorian-style costumes can often work for the main vampires
  • Vampire costume kits can be customized with specific accessories
  • Online retailers like offer character-specific costume elements Options

While doesn't offer specific What We Do in the Shadows costumes, they have several items that could work for creating these looks:
  1. Victorian Gothic dresses that could be perfect for a Nadja costume
  2. Vampire-themed accessories like fangs, makeup kits, and capes
  3. Wigs that could work for various characters, especially Nadja's long, dark hair
One specific item that could be incorporated into a What We Do in the Shadows costume is the "Girls Bikini League of Legends Sheriff of Piltover Caitlyn Swimming Pool Party Cosplay Costume". While not directly related to the show, elements of this costume could be creatively used or modified for a unique take on a vampire character, perhaps for a "vampire on vacation" twist.

Makeup and Special Effects

Makeup plays a crucial role in completing your What We Do in the Shadows costume:
  • Pale foundation for all vampire characters
  • Dark eye makeup, especially for Nadja
  • Fake blood for post-feeding effects
  • Prosthetic fangs or makeup techniques to create vampire teeth

Accessories and Props

Don't forget these important details to complete your costume:
  • Vampire teeth
  • Fake blood
  • Guillermo's stake bandolier
  • Nandor's sword
  • The vampires' portrait necklaces
  • Colin Robinson's boring office supplies

Tips for Wearing Your Costume

  1. Practice your character's accent and mannerisms
  2. Stay in character at Halloween parties for maximum effect
  3. Be prepared for warm indoor temperatures if wearing heavy vampire costumes
  4. Bring a bag to carry any removable accessories like capes or hats

Where to Wear Your Costume

What We Do in the Shadows costumes are perfect for:
  • Halloween parties
  • Comic conventions
  • Vampire-themed events
  • TV show viewing parties

The Impact of Costume Design on the Show

The costumes in What We Do in the Shadows play a crucial role in establishing the characters and the show's unique blend of historical and contemporary elements. Costume designer Laura Montgomery, who took over from Amanda Neale in season 3, has received critical acclaim for her work, including an Emmy Award for Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes.
Montgomery's approach involves balancing historical accuracy with modern touches and practicality for filming. She considers each character's backstory and the era they're from when designing their looks. For example, Nandor's costumes incorporate elements from his Ottoman Empire origins, while Nadja and Laszlo's outfits blend Victorian styles with Gothic flair.
The attention to detail in the costumes extends beyond the main characters. Even background vampires are dressed according to the era they're supposed to be from, adding depth and authenticity to the show's world.


Creating a What We Do in the Shadows Halloween costume allows you to step into the hilarious world of these vampire roommates. Whether you choose to emulate one of the main characters, go as an energy vampire, or create your own vampire council member, there are endless possibilities for creativity.
Remember that the key to a great What We Do in the Shadows costume is in the details. Pay attention to the fabrics, accessories, and makeup that make each character unique. And most importantly, have fun embodying these lovably ridiculous vampires!
Whether you decide to DIY your costume or purchase elements from retailers like, your What We Do in the Shadows costume is sure to be a hit at any Halloween party. Just be prepared to explain the show to those unfortunate souls who haven't yet discovered this gem of vampire comedy!

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