FF8 Final Fantasy 8 Sazh Katzroy Suit Cosplay Costume


Gender: Male
Size: XS
Sale price$128.69


  • Material: Uniforme Cloth
  • Including: As shown, Vest, shirt, coat, pants, gloves

Product Details

Product name:Final Fantasy 8 Sazh Katzroy Suit Cosplay Costume
Category:Game,Final Fantasy,Costumes,
Main Characters:Barret Wallace,Tifa Lockhart,Aerith Gainsborough,Red XIII,Yuffie Kisaragi,Cait Sith ,Vincent Valentine,Cid Highwind


Sazh Katzroy:sazh katzroyis an characters in the game final fantasy
Final Fantasy:Final fantasy is a series of role-playing video games released by square company of japan and created by sakukou boshin,

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