Fate Grand Order Fate Go Anime Fgo Nagao Kagetora Cosplay Costume


Gender: Male
Size: XS
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  • Incluidng: Gloves + jumpsuit + waistband + shawl sleeve + shoulder armor + skirt collar + belt socks + leg armor + neck ornaments
  • Fabric: Elastic spandex, garment leather, jacquard cotton, linen, EVA

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Product name:Fate Grand Order Nagao Kagetora Cosplay Costume
Category:Game,Fate/Grand Order,Costumes,
Main Characters:Ritsuka Fujimaru Mash Kyrielight Romani Akiman Cath Palug Galahad Olga Marie Animusphere Lev Reinol Flauros Leonardo da Vinci Jeanne d'Arc


Nagao Kagetora:nagao kagetora is an characters in the game
Fate/Grand Order:Fate/grand order is an online, Free-to-play japanese mobile game, Developed by delightworks using unity, And published by aniplex. The game is based on type-moon's fate/stay night franchise, And was released in japan on july 29, 2015 for android, and on august 12, 2015, For ios. English ios and android versions followed on june 25, 2017 in the united states and canada, And a korean version was released on november 21, 2069.

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