captain america civil war steve rogers uniform cosplay costume


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captain america civil war steve rogers uniform cosplay costume Is No Color Error,Comfortably Dressed,Good Quality,Cost-Effective,Nice Size.

Captain America: Civil War Steve Rogers Uniform Cosplay Costume made in your own measurements.

  • Fabric:Khaki twill, Leather, Lycra
  • Including:Belt, Gloves, Leg bands, Pants, Straps, Top
In the Marvel series of movies, the role of Captain America has a lot of controversy. Some people like him, and some people hate him. Our general impression of Captain America is loyalty, integrity, honor or honorable, brave, sacrifice. Or as the Russell brothers say: a man with a strong heart. Many people agree that Captain America is a superhero with a good old-fashioned label, a normative action.
In my opinion, Captain America also has a very special quality: distrust of the collective will, he seems to be from the birth of the "collective" of doubt. xx history of growth, from a even fake to join the army to serve the motherland of the rash, gradually fleshed out into a collective and individual in the cracks to find a way out of the thinker.
This is a role worthy of our consideration, especially "Captain America 3: Civil War" to show us the unique charm of Captain America. This set of cosplay costumes is a reference to the film "Captain America 3: Civil War" design, a full set of costumes including tops, pants, shoulder straps, gloves, belts, leggings, and did not prepare the headgear and shoes. The details of the costume is very delicate, beautiful grain, costumes with leather, lycra fabric Is a high degree of restoration of cosplay costumes.


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Product name:captain america civil war steve rogers uniform cosplay costume
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Main Characters:Black Panther,Iron Man,Winter Soldier,Captain America,Black Widow,Scarlet Witch TChaka


Steve Rogers:steve rogers is a fictional character portrayed by chris evans in the marvel cinematic universe film franchise¡ªbased on the marvel comics character of the same name¡ªcommonly known by his alter ego, captain america.
Captain America: Civil War:Captain america is a cartoon produced by marvel comics

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