Avatar The Last Airbender Katara Cosplay Costume


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The Costumes Is Nice Size,Correct Size,Comfortably Dressed,Good Quality,Cost-Effective.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Katara Cosplay Costume


  • Material: Polyester
  • Includes: top, pants, belt, hand sleeves, neckpiece, wrap

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Product name:Avatar The Last Airbender Katara Cosplay Costume
Category:Anime,The Last Airbender,Costumes,
Main Characters:Aang;Katara;Sokka;PrinceZuko;Iroh


Katara:katara is 14-year-old girl, warm-hearted, mature personality, perseverance. he practiced kung fu diligently, hoping to develop a good life-long skill to rescue the shui people. he helped him many times when he was in danger.
The Last Airbender:The film tells the story that in the far east, The world is divided into four clans: water, Earth, Fire and gas. However, The fierce fire clan wants to annex the world, And the hope of saving the world falls on the mysterious boy an'ang.

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