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The Wigs Is Quite Naturally,Very Realistic,Made By Soft Texture,Low Weight,Like In The Photo,
Anime CAROLE&TUESDAY Carole Cosplay Wigs

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Product name:Anime Carole Tuesday Carole Cosplay Wigs
Category:Anime,Carole & Tuesday,Wigs,
Main Characters:Tuesday; Tao;Mermaid Sisters;Carole


Tuesday:tuesday is a characters on the anime carole & tuesday
Carole & Tuesday:It has been 50 years since mankind began its migration to the terraformed mars, Where they live in comfort due to advancements in ai. Carole lives in the metropolis of alba city, Working part-time by day and playing keyboard by night. Tuesday has run away from her home in hershell city to escape the grip of her wealthy family, And instead hopes to pursue music with her acoustic guitar.

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