Fruits Basket 2001 2019 Souma Kyo Yellow Cosplay Wig


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Fruit Basket Souma Kyo Yellow Cosplay Wig

  • Anime:Fruit Basket
  • Character :Souma Kyo
  • Color :Yellow
  • Length :35cm
  • Head circumference :50-60cm

Product Details

Product name:Fruit Basket Souma Kyo Yellow Cosplay Wig
Category:Anime,Fruit Basket Souma,Wigs,
Main Characters:Souma, Hatsuharu, Souma, Kisa,Hanajima, Saki


Souma, Kyou:kyou is a stubborn, hot-headed boy. he is easily provoked and angered in any situation. as with most of the sohma clan, kyou is cursed with becoming an animal of the zodiac when hugged by someone of the opposite gender. his zodiac animal is the cat which, in legend, was barred from becoming one of the official twelve animals because of the rat's trickery. kyou hates the current rat of the family, yuki, as a result. the two constantly fight and kyou loses every time.
Fruit Basket Souma:Fruits basket won the 2001 animage's anime grand prix award.

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