Ensemble Stars Idol Unit Knights Ritsu Sakuma Cosplay Costume


Gender: Male
Size: XS
Sale price$81.40


  • Including: shirt, pants, coat, shoulder belt, belt, waist chain, gloves
  • Material: uniform cloth, leather

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Product name:Ensemble Stars Idol Unit Knights Ritsu Sakuma Cosplay Costume
Category:Anime,Ensemble Stars,Costumes,
Main Characters:Anzu,Subaru Akehoshi,Makoto Yki,Hokuto Hidaka,Mao Isara,Tori Himemiya


Sakuma, Ritsu:ritsu always sounds sleepy and languid. nocturnal and loves sleeping, he can be found napping anywhere. he had to repeat a year due to too much tardiness and dozing off in class, but he doesn't care.
Ensemble Stars:Ensemble stars!! is a multimedia project, Originally released as a japanese mobile idol training game on may 1st, 2015. As of march 16th, 2025, The app has two versions: ensemble stars!! basic, The idol-training game, And ensemble stars!! music, The rhythm game. Both versions of the game have different gameplay styles, But otherwise share the same story, Characters, And cards.

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