Top 10 Bonnie And Clyde Costume Ideas And Inspiration

Bonnie and Clyde were a legendary couple of bank robbers in the United States during the Great Depression. During that period, many people live in destitution and this couple became famous for specializing in robbing the rich. Between 1931 and 1934, their photos appeared frequently in major newspapers. These photos were taken by themselves and then the police got them from a photo film that was accidentally dropped during one of their escapes. From these, we can find that they really have good fashion taste and both love to dress up. Their chic outlaw look is as young, rebellious and dangerous as their inner personalities. Even now, more than 80 years have passed, Bonnie and Clyde's fashion is still not out of date, and is the style icons of many's hearts. 

In addition to inspiring two films and a Broadway musical, Bonnie And Clyde's unique style has become a iconic Halloween costume that is the subject of many imitations. If you're still struggling for creative Halloween costume inspiration this year, then you should not miss the Bonnie And Clyde costume as it is a epic Halloween cosplay idea that any Halloween fanatic would love! This American criminal couple can make for an memorable Halloween Eve for you and your significant other.

1. Bonnie and Clyde Couple Costume

 Bonnie and Clyde Couple Costume

This is one of Bonnie and Clyde's most trademark inspired outfits, a collection of this notorious crime couple's familiar fashion elements. The pants have the same chalk stripe as the black suits Clyde often wears, and the white shirt in this outfit has a thinner stripe. Different degrees of thickness of the striped top and bottom is the key that won’t make person look dull, and the collision of black and white colors also reflects the kindness and evilness of both Bonnie and Clyde have. At the same time, the shirt's buttons are not all tied, forming Bonnie's classic V-neckline. As this outfit is unisex, both men and women can wear, it will be suit for a group cosplay idea. After all, there's nothing cooler than dressing up together as a bank robbery gang in Halloween!

2. Bonnie Parker Outfit

 Bonnie Parker Outfit

source from: Bonnie and Clyde (1967 movie)

This picture is from the first movie about Bonnie and Clyde, with Faye Dunaway acting the role of Bonnie. This 1960s movie has set off a wave of new fashion upon its release, and the Bonnie movie looks had a significant impact on women's wearing freedom. In this poster, Bonnie is so dignified that you will ignore that it is the way they dressed in the escape.

If you want to cosplay this look, you can easily buy all the accessories and you just need to prepare: an apricot beret, cropped yellow knitted top, beige neck scarf, brown thin tweed skirt and a pair of black Mary Jane pumps shoes.

3. 1920s Bonnie And Clyde Outfits

 3.1920s Bonnie And Clyde Outfits

There is no doubt that suit is the most mature and attractive clothing for men, symbolizing etiquette and power. Not only is this oversized two-piece suit very accurate for the early ’30s, it is also the style most often worn by Clyde. This charcoal chalkstripe suit has a double-breasted, flat front to the pants and a thin but high belt loop for Clyde's thick leather belt.

If you are also a tall guy like Clyde, then you can choose a pair of low-heeled leather shoes to match this outfit. A white Panama hat is also an essential element that will make you look like you're about to travel around world right after coming back from a robbery at the bank.

4. Bonnie Parker Red Dress

 Bonnie Parker Red Dress

Even though it has been 50 years after the first movie came out, this bank-robbing couple is still remembered and then their second movie was released in 2013. But the second film has lost the Robin Hood’s chivalry that in previous, and even portrays Bonnie as the instigator of several bank robberies. Although the plot is less impressive, the level of costume design in the second film is still outstanding. This Bonnie's red knitted dress is designed with reference to the real historic photos, retaining the highlights while adding a striped pattern at the waist, visually having the effect of trimming the waist curve.

5. Clyde Outfit For Halloween

 Clyde Outfit For Halloween

source from: Bonnie and Clyde (2013 movie)

Based on the recovered photos, it appears that Clyde had a green shirt, which was certainly a pioneering fashion item. After knowing that, the costume designer of the 2013 film designed this tailored perfect green three-piece suit. It reflects Clyde's uniqueness and romantic, with a tie in the same color as Bonnie's sweater. When you zoom in you can also see that the outside of the green suit still has the chalk-type stripes, making it more certain that this is what Clyde would wear. Although the 2013 film was widely criticized, its costumes did manage to be nominated for Best Design at the 16th CDG Awards.

6. Bonnie Parker Costume Ideas

 Bonnie Parker Costume Ideas

In fact, Bonnie's costume record her development from bored Midwest waitress to feisty bank robber. She no longer wore the mini skirt favored by the men in that era, but switched to longer skirts that were easier to move. The ladylike pencil skirt, V-neckline blouse and wool beret were a lovely foil to her ultimately sinister motives, and yet they are still entirely appropriate for modern wear after 80 years nearly. This Bonnie's black striped suit and Clyde's are superb couple's cosplay ideas for you and your soul mate to wear in a Halloween party!

7. Gangster Bonnie And Clyde Costume

 Gangster Bonnie And Clyde Costume

source from: Bonnie and Clyde (1967 movie)

In the early scenes of the 1967 film, Clyde was wearing this old grey tweed suit, because it was the most decent and dapper set he had. After robbing the a bank and gas station, he had some money to buy a better black striped suit. But no matter how many sets of suit he changed, he still wore his white Fedora hat, ready to pull his revolver out of his pocket and begin to fire. There is no doubt that this is an outfit that you can wear in real life or at work. Therefore, you can easily find the similar ones from your boyfriend’s casual clothes to cosplay, and do not have to spend extra money.

8. Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde Costumes

 Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde Costumes

This breezy short-sleeved dress with dot pattern is one of Bonnie's most arresting inspired looks. Put on this dress, take a small bag with a dollar pattern, prepare your bob wig, and then you can disguise yourself as a beautiful and dangerous woman robber. In addition to looking criminally chic, this dress is also very ladylike, with a bow belt that nipped in waists showing the feminine curves. As someone who has left her mark on fashion, Bonnie's dressing style has always inspired us and become a textbook for many movies that portray a dangerous female.

9. Bonnie And Clyde Vest

 Bonnie And Clyde Vest

source from: Bonnie and Clyde (1967 movie)

Clyde in his white vest, are the decisive look of the bank-robbing gangster couple for costume parties and Halloween events. What you can improve is to pair this Clyde style tank with a pair of striped pants with straps, so you will look crisper and just as smart. As a matter of fact,this look by Warren Beatty in the 1967 movie was common among men of that period. At the same time, most men in town will wear white vest under their shirts, other than blue-collar workers, because they can cool off quickly and unrestricting after heavy physical labor.

10. Bonnie And Clyde Halloween Outfits

 Bonnie And Clyde Halloween Outfits

source from: Bonnie and Clyde (1967 movie)

Bonnie's look has pared down excessive decorations, delicate but not overly flashy, creating a special charm. This is her look from a bank robbery, wearing a beige tweed suit with check pattern, black beret and A-line skirt below the knee. Her coat has a 4-button front and uses a belt of the same fabric, with a square buckle to highlight the slim waist. What's more, this suit is designed with a diagonal cut, and the irregular lines of the outer silhouette is a hint of Bonnie's rebellious nature.


Bonnie and Clyde show the grittier side of the thirties, as the people in bottom who escaped the  their original poor lives to have power and wealth, albeit through bloodshed. Their Hollywood film is even more epochal, the side of the depression that era shied away from and one of the inspirations for the violent aesthetic.

Clyde Barrow, a fast-talking young thief from an extremely destitute Dallas family, eventually made a name for himself and wore many different suits he once dreamed of. He does not treat Bonnie in traditional concept, but loves and unconditionally supports her, which is why contemporary men prefer to cosplay him. Bonnie, on the other hand, is like a shot in the arm, encouraging women to stop being constrained by chronological tradition. She broke the 1960s monopoly of mini skirts and straight dresses, shutting out the stereotypes of tight shirt, petticoats, and silky long hair. This bandit couple on the run is certainly applicable for the creative, meaningful and modern cosplay ideas and inspiration.


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