Kid's version of Demon Slayer cosplay appreciation

The popularity of Demon Slayer has gone far beyond our imagination.It is not an exaggeration to say that if you like anime, you must have heard of it. Demon Slayer has gained the love of fans of all ages all over the world.

For Japanese netizens, Demon Slayer is of great importance. Recently, a Japanese netizen @shigatsu0926 had the bright idea of having his son cosplay a character from Demon Slayer. This Japanese netizen is a photographer, he is responsible for taking pictures, the child as a cosplayer. This set of pictures was praised by many people and netizens cried out for cuteness.

Children's version of Tanjiro Kamado:

More about his cosplay costumes

With the expansion of the influence of the anime industry, more and more anime lovers have become parents and have their own families. In some comic con activities, we can easily see some parents with their children to play cosplay. "Children's version of cosplay" gradually become one of the attractions of comic con.

We can easily see that the photographer father and his son in cosplay Demon Slayer is earnest. Whether it is costumes and props, or hair dressing, he is as possible to restore the role. At the same time, the child is also very cooperative, he is happy to make the action in line with the character of the anime.

Children's version of Hashibira Inosuke:

More about his cosplay costumes

In the plot of Demon Slayer, Zenitsu Agatsuma was a crybaby and he loved eating rice ball. Therefore, in Zenitsu Agatsuma’s role-playing, not only Zenitsu Agatsuma's handsome side, but also his embarrassed side. When the rice ball fell to the ground, Zenitsu Agatsuma estimated that he was going to cry. The overall style of the photo is very lovely. In addition to the rice ball, we can't forget the sparrow who always accompany Zenitsu Agatsuma!

Children's version of Agatsuma Zenitsu:

More about his cosplay costumes

It's so cute to watch the children's Cosplay Demon Slayer. Of course, it can't be ignored that this group of cosplay photo post effects are also attentive. In the background processing, the photographer made a lot of changes. Let the photo highlight the child as the main body, so that the photo does not look disobedient.

Children's version of Tomioka Giyuu:

More about his cosplay costumes

It can be seen that the photographer and his son get along very happily. They are full of love for animation. It's very happy to have family members who also like animation.

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