10 Best Padme Amidala Costumes In Star Wars, Ranked

The Star Wars prequels are a must-have part of this saga, shaping many classic characters and setting the stage for the subsequent story. It includes the 5 essential elements of film and television which is narrative, video, audio, characters, and editing. Because of outstanding music and visual effects, Star Wars is also known as a space opera, a fantasy story that takes place in the galaxy. And the big wardrobe owned by Padme Naberrie Amidala in prequel series has caught the eye of many of us.

As the mother of the Star Wars protagonist, Padme appeared in three films and one animation. Played by Natalie Portman, Padme has a costume for almost every scene, which are either regal, fairy or even casual. These Star Wars costumes, designed by Trisha Biggar, were inspired by cultures around the world and won the 1978 Academy Award for Best Costume Design. Padme costume and her psychology and actor performance blend into one, forming a presence that is impossible to ignore in Star Wars. Here are ten of the best Padme Amidala outfits that are not only fashionable but also have a unique meaning in Star Wars.

1. Padme Parade Gown

Padme Parade Gown

source from: Star Wars: Episode I

Anyone who sees this parade gown at first glance is sure to think that it is a haute couture from one Paris fashion show. Actually, it is the most modest and gentle outfit among all of her flashy court costume. The long cape is made of countless round pieces of pink and white silk tulle together to look like many blooming flowers.

The headpiece on Padme's forehead is a diamond encrusted antique maang tikka which is the traditional accessory for Indian brides. And the ornament on the back of her neck is a Japanese oil paper umbrella with the naboo pattern. In order to maintain a queenly demeanor for a long time in the parade, Padme has painted a white face using Oshiroi, a makeup that can conceal the indecent expressions.

2. Padme Lake Dress

Padme Lake Dress

source from: Star Wars: Episode II

This is Padme dressed up while walking with Anakin by the lake, reminiscing about the days when she used to attend school retreats. There is no die-hard fan doesn’t like this pastel ombre dress, from cream to purple. The wide, sagging sleeves float with her movements, like the ripples of water. And the metal decoration on Padme's neck not only shows her beautiful shoulder and neck line, but also reflects the sci-fi sense of Star Wars. In Star Wars, the style of the character's costume directly and effectively communicates to the audience who the person is. From Padme's lake dress, we can also see her anxiety and love for the their relationship.

3. Senate Gown in Coruscont

Senate Gown in Coruscont

source from: Star Wars: Episode I

When Padme was in Coruscont for the election, she wore this red and gold high-density embroidered senate gown. The intricate gold thread embroidery symbolizes prestige and power, and the red velvet outer robe is a symbol of power and danger. Although she was only a member of the Senate at this time, she was already beginning to look like a queen. On her head is a traditional Russian Kokoshnik crown and she has a Mongolian noblewoman's ram's horn hairstyle. This fusion of multi-ethnic elements in costume design reflects the multicultural coexistence of the United States, a melting pot nation.

4. White Battle Outfit

White Battle Outfit

source from: Star Wars: Episode II

In Attack of the Clone, Padme's life was threatened and suffered several severe assassinations. That's when we find out this Naboo Queen turns out to be more than just handling politics, her combat skill is perfectly capable of protecting herself. This white battle costume includes a top and capri pants made of athletic cotton. The top was originally long, but in a battle was torn by the enemies so became cropped, and then we saw Padme’s fitness abs. The silver band on the upper arm represents political service and Padme wears it in all of her informal dress-ups.

5. Padme Peacock Gown

Padme Peacock Gown

source from: Star Wars: Episode III

As an important character in this space opera, Padme has an absolutely fashionable aesthetic. This peacock gown is very much like a fashion magazine cover would have, but unfortunately it only appears in the deleted scenes. Although it did not in the final screen of Revenge of the Sith, this gown is consistent with other costumes in episode III, solemn and with a bit of melancholy. Its inner wear is made of a soft blue satin, and the outer robe is using a black embossing thick fabric. Padme’s hairstyle was inspired by the traditional African, with a hairband in the same color of costume. The overall looks like an inverted cone that is to keep the secret of her pregnancy. Although it looks complicated, the actress Natalie Portman said the costume can be taken off in 15 minutes.

6. Padme Wedding Dress

Padme Wedding Dress

source from: Star Wars: Episode II

At the first meeting between the queen and the knight, Padme has quickly captured the heart of the young Anakin. The process of this pair’s love was difficult, just like Romeo and Juliet. In Attack of the Clones, their relationship finally came to an important development—they decided to get married in secret. The servants hastily prepared this ceremonial garment for Padme before the wedding, although not luxurious, she is still beautiful and elegant. The waist-length veil is white crochet lace decorated with many pearls, all hand-stitched into many floral patterns. Moreover, the princess seam is used at the waist to have a fitted line and looks fascinated and chic.

7. Throne Room Gown

Throne Room Gown

source from: Star Wars: Episode I

This throne room gown is what Padme wore when she first appeared in The Phantom Menace, when she was sitting on the throne to accept the meeting from the courtiers. At that time, her homeworld of Naboo is facing a major threat due to the boycott of the Trade Federation. The texture of this red gown is similar to the royal robes from the ancient East, with exquisite gold embroidery and a black potolli fur trim. The edge of the gown are six symmetrical resin orbs with a glossy orange sci-fi color. As the Queen of Naboo, Padme still use the Scar of Remembrance and red lip to commemorate less fortunate days in the past. In particular, the headpiece on her hairstyle is the Jewel of Zenda.

8. Padme Picnic Dress

Padme Picnic Dress

source from: Star Wars: Episode II

For becoming queen at a very young age, Padme is far more mature than her peers, and we have overlooked her youthful years. When she is on a picnic date with Anakin, we finally see a girlish and romantic Padme. She looked like a delightful flower in the meadow as wearing this European pictorial art style yellow dress. The bodice above is a thick silk in gold with many small red rose motifs and green olive leaves embroidery. And she also wore a light yellow tulle shawl with embroidery. The skirt below is multi-layered dark gold chiffon with glittering sequins. Together with the satin ribbons on her arm, this look is a very fairy Padme.

9. Padme Blue Nightgown

Padme Blue Nightgown

source from: Star Wars: Episode III

As the galaxy's most dazzling fashion it-girl, Padme's sleepwear are also specially designed. It is a light blue satin halter dress with great draping. The chest of the dress is decorated with a silver Naboo pattern that is attached to a three-loop pearl chain. The pearls are not gorgeous, but in this case very elaborate and luxurious in an understated way. This blue nightgown shows Padme's graceful shoulder and neck curves, which means she is no longer the young careful queen, but a charming and confident queen. She leaned against the pillar like a splendid star at night, shining lovely at everyone who passed by.

10. Padme Funeral Dress

Padme Funeral Dress

source from: Star Wars: Episode III

This is a very lavish ceremonial gown. It's indeed pretty superb, but since it's Padme’s funeral dress, I ranked it last. The water gown is inspired by Ophelia in Hamlet, a tragic beauty. The fabric is made of chameleon silk organza and soft velvet that looks like it's floating quietly on the water. The multiple pleats create a wave effect and the shades of blue look more layered. The two long sleeves were edged with silver and sapphires that twinkling in the deep blue. The small white flowers that gently sprinkled in the coffin were like people's tears, mourning deeply for this former queen.


Beyond question, Padme has the best sense of style in the entire universe with so many exclusive outfits. In addition, Padme costumes are an effective information tool in Star Wars, through which the director has shared detailed information about the time period, the setting and the character's personality. 

As she ascended the throne in 14 years old and had to face various disputes of interest and attacks from the dark forces, this weak girl needs a very glorious dress in the early stage to have the majesty of the queen. Then her costume changed with her experiences. She slowly no longer needs the outward dressing to disguise Padme Amidala, and she can finally be a true Padme.

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